R0safresiita Hi! My name is Ana Peña, I am 21 years old, MARRIED! & mother to my FIRST BABY BOY Born on MAY 17 2012 <3 My passions are;fashion, make-up, haiir, music, dance. ♥ Anything else you would like to know just ASK me (:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Me & the hubby (the LOVE of my LIFE) <3

Let the downloading begin…📲😆

Makeup is part of my daily routine. It’s the time in my mornings when I can concentrate on me and me alone. Giving yourself that kind of attention is so important, and something that is definitely glossed over by too many women. – Kat Von D (tattoo artist and model)




It’s moving right? It’s not just me?

Fucked me up


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